MS2: Beta

Your task in this milestone is to complete your second sprint.

Build and Test

During the first of the two weeks of this sprint, you’ll be working on A6 as well. During the second week of the sprint, you won’t have any other 3110 programming assignments, so you can go full throttle on MS2.


Demos, progress reports, submission: These will all work the same as MS1.


The rubric is identical to MS1.

Teamwork Exercise

A day or two after you have submitted all the deliverables for this sprint, individually fill out one copy of this peer evaluation form for each of your team members, including yourself. So if there are three team members, then there would be nine filled-out copies total. Then give the filled-out forms to the person who is named on the form. Give one another some time to digest the results, maybe overnight. The next time you meet, invite any discussion about what people have learned from this exercise.

Do not submit these evaluations to the course staff. They are private to your team.