Late Days and Extensions

Timeliness is a value we want you to learn.

If you submit a programming assignment after the due date but before CMS submissions are closed, you (and your entire team) will be charged late days, which CMS calls slip days. The first four late days you incur are “free”— they will have no impact on your grade. After that, you will lose points. The fifth will result in a flat deduction of 1 point (out of 100) from your final grade. Each late day after that will be a deduction of 3 more points.

Extensions will be granted only in truly exceptional circumstances. Extension requests require accompanying documentation: a letter from a Cornell professor, advisor, or coach requesting the extension on your behalf; an obituary or wedding announcement published in a newspaper; or a letter on official letterhead from a medical provider explaining a major illness or injury. Contact the professor to request an extension.

The purpose of late days is to give you a tool to manage the demands of life, including the following:

None of those circumstances qualifies for an extension.