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Date Topic Description
Sat 11/12 PS 5 Problem set 6 has been released, due Thursday Dec 1.
Thu 11/3 External activities Gabor Bojar, Founder of AIT Budapest, an English language study abroad program for computer science students, will be giving a presentation about the program F 11/4, 12 noon, Phillips 219. Jimmy John's Subs and small treats from Hungary will be served. [poster]
Thu 10/20 PS 5 Problem set 5 has been released, due Thursday Nov 10.
Thu 10/13 External reading Professor Zabih would like to direct your attention to an article named entitled Hacked! wherein a journalist's wife had her email account hacked and all her emails deleted. While not directly relevant to CS3110 lectures it's a great introduction to some of the complexities of modern computing and an eye-opener for those of us so reliant on cloud storage these days.
Thu 10/6 PS 4 Problem set 4 has been released, due Thursday Oct 20.
Thu 9/22 PS 3 Problem set 3 has been released, due Thursday Oct 6.
Wed 9/7 PS 2 Problem set 2 has been released, due Thursday Sept 22.
Thu 8/25 PS 1 Problem set 1 has been released, due Tuesday Sept 6.