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CS 2800 Fall 2014 Course Schedule

All dates for future lectures and unreleased assignments, if posted, are provisional.

LaTeX class file for homeworks: 2800hw.cls. You might also need utf8.sty.
Date Lecture Topic Notes Reading Homework
Aug 27 (W) Introduction 01_intro_mike
Aug 29 (F) Probability 101 02_probability_101 Peter Cameron's
Notes on Probability
Homework 1
(LaTeX source)
Sep 3 (W) Probability, Proofs
Sep 5 (F) Independent Events
Sep 8 (M) Conditional Probability,
Bayes' Theorem
05_cond_bayes Homework 2
(LaTeX source)
Sep 10 (W) Priors, Total Probability,
Expectation, Multiple Trials
Sep 12 (F) Inclusion-Exclusion 07_incl_excl Homework 3
(LaTeX source)
Sep 15 (M) Random Variables
Sep 17 (W) Functions and Quantifiers 08_func_quant
Sep 19 (F) Functions and Proofs Homework 4
(LaTeX source)
Sep 22 (M) More Functions
and Quantifiers
11_more_func_quant Jonathan
Notes on Functions

John Hubbard's
Notes on Quantifiers
and Negation
Sep 24 (W) Proofs 12_proofs
Sep 26 (F) Proofs and Cardinality 13_proofs_card Assaf Goldberger's
Notes on Proofs
Homework 5
(LaTeX source)
Sep 29 (M) Equivalence relations
Oct 1 (W) Logic review
Oct 3 (F) Equivalence relations
and equivalence classes
Oct 6 (M) Prelim I
Oct 8 (W) Mathematical Induction 17_induction Adam Bjorndahl's
Puzzles and Paradoxes
in Mathematical

U. of Toronto
Induction Problems
Oct 10 (F) Fall Break "Lecture" 18_fall_break
Oct 15 (W) Finite Automata 19_automata Pass and Tseng's
A Course in
Discrete Structures

Also see:
Hopcroft, Motwani
and Ullman, Intro.
to Automata Theory,
Languages, and
Oct 17 (F) Finite Automata (contd) 20_more_automata Homework 6
(LaTeX source)
Oct 20 (M) Pumping Lemma 21_pumping
(LaTeX source)
Oct 22 (W) Finite Automata:
(LaTeX source)
Oct 24 (F) Regular Expressions 23_regexps
(LaTeX source)
(LaTeX source)
Oct 27 (M) Regular Expressions (contd) 24_more_regexps Homework 7
(LaTeX source)
Oct 29 (W) Kleene's Theorem - I 25_kleene_1
Oct 31 (F) Kleene's Theorem - II Forbes Lewis'
Automata Problems
Homework 8
(LaTeX source)
Nov 3,5,7 (MWF) Number Representation 26_division_bases
Nov 10 (M) Prelim II (First Ed.)
Nov 12 (W) Modular Arithmetic 30_modular Pass & Tseng (above)
Nov 14 (W) Fermat's Little Theorem 31_fermat_little
Nov 17 (M) Prelim II (Second Ed.)
Nov 19,21 (WF) RSA 32_rsa
Dec 1,3,5 (MWF) Graphs Chapter 10 from the Rosen textbook
Dec 12 (F) Final Exam
(2:00 PM: Barton Hall
100 West-Main Floor)