download and intall it first! [HERE]

Step 1

First of all, you know how to launch it.
If you are using a CIT lab computer, there should be something like this:

Step 2

Choose "Newsgroup account" and click Next.

Step 3

Write your name (which appears on the newsgroup), and your email address.
Then cick "Next"

Step 4

The most important thing: the newsgroup server. It is newsstand.cit.cornell.edu.
Copy & paste it!

Step 5

Now set the name for this newsgroup.

Step 6

Double check the information. If it's all right, cClick "Finish"!

Step 7

Now your Mozilla Thunderbird should look like the picture below.
Click "Manage newsgroup subscriptions".

Step 8

It will say it's downloading something... (if you are online)

Step 9

If you type the newsgroup name cornell.class, you will see a lot of different newsgroups.
If you type cornell.class.cs, you will see CS course newsgroups. Subscribe to CS 280 (simply click the check-box).

Step A

Now you can see you are subscribing the cs280 newsgroup.

Step B

Now, you are done. You can read/write/reply/forward/delete and etc. Have fun!
P.S. For CS majors, many of you will find out that the newsgroup is awesome when you are taking CS 312 and/or 314.

Still don't know how to do, but want to use it?
Email me (Haden).

This is intended for Windows XP because Cornell libraries and CIT labs all have PCs. If you're a Mac user, the steps are the same after you launch Mozilla Thunderbird). If you have questions, email me (Haden); I'm a Mac user too.

Written by: Haden Hooyeon Lee (hl364)

Date: Feb 13, 2008