Computer Science 280: Discrete Structures
Spring, 2004

Prof. Joe Halpern and Prof. Uri Keich

Breaking news

May 7

The final is on 12-2:30 PM on Thursday, May 13 in Philips 101. There will be a review session on Tuesday, May 11, at 7 PM, in Upson 205 (which should accommodate 60). There will be office hours as usual on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You can pick up your old homeworks from Cindy (in Upson 4146) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Finally, here are some old CS280 exams and solution. Note that this year we did number theory and more probability than in previous years (in particular, things like the Law of Large Numbers, Markov and Chebyshev Inequalities, and the Central Limit Theorem were not done before), but did not do graph theory (which is now mainly done in CS211). So this year's exam will be somewhat different from those in previous years. You can ignore all the graph theory questions from previous years. Good luck on the final!

Apr. 2

On April 12th 4:45 pm the CS department will offer an information session for prospective undergrads. Details are in the linked flyer.

Mar. 8

The prelim is in Olin 155, the same room as the class. Olin is locked at night. There's a combination lock on the door in Ho Plaza. The combination is 153 (you press 153, then turn the knob clockwise). Please come to the exam at 7:25, 5 minutes early, so you're set to go at 7:30. The prelim will run until 9 PM.

Mar. 6

Here are solutions for the 2003 prelim and the 2000 prelim.

Mar. 5

More help for the prelim: For next week only, Joel Ossher and Tom Church have moved back their office hours from Wednesday to Monday. That means we have two hours of office hours today, four on Monday, and three on Teusday.

Mar. 1

To help you study for the prelim:

Feb. 29

The only type of calculator that you can bring with you to the prelim is one without any memory or programming capability. If you have any doubt about whether or not your calculator qualifies it probably doesn't but feel free to ask one of the professors.

Feb. 28

To prepare for the prelim, you may want to check the 2003 prelim and the 2000 prelim. However, note that this year we did not cover graph theory, but did cover number theory. Neither prelim has number theory questions; both have graph theory questions. You should ignore question 7 on the 2000 prelim and questions 8-11 on the 2003 prelim.

Feb. 23

Mahesh's office hours on Thursday were mistakenly listed as being from 3 to 3. They're actually from 2 to 3. Also, they will be held from now on in his office (4121 Upson), not 328C Upson.

Feb. 20

As announced in class, the prelim will be Tuesday, March 9, at 7:30 PM. If you have any conflicts, please send Prof. Halpern and Prof. Keich email as soon as possible. Also note that solutions to homework and course grades are available at the Course Management System webpage.

Feb. 5

Please make sure to staple your homework and attach this grading sheet, either to the front or the back of your homework. This will make it much easier for us to report your grades. If you forget to do it after this week, we'll deduct two points from your homework.