S w i n d l e

This directory contains Swindle - Scheme with Noodlle extension. Written for CS212 by Eli Barzilay, (eli@cs.cornell.edu), comments, bug reports etc are welcome.

There is now a mailing-list available (eli+swindle@cs.cornell.edu), mail me, to get on it.

Swindle is an object oriented environment based on Tiny-CLOS from Xerox. It has a lot of additional features like generalized set! (similar to Common Lisp's SETF) and the object system is much optimized. Swindle is built on top of MzScheme, and DrSwindle is a modification of DrScheme that uses it - MzScheme and DrScheme are both from Rice University, to learn more, get on-line manuals etc., go to http://www.cs.rice.edu/CS/PLT/.

Here you have:

Note that DrSwindle have easy access to "help-desk" another Scheme application that can find quick help (and also used as an Internet browser). This is very useful, and the Swindle documentation is in compatible format.

Other Scheme resources on the web:

Also, there is a scheme newsgroup, comp.lang.scheme.