SaM Simulator

SaM (Stack Machine) is the simulator used for CS212. It implements a custom ISA that is designed to be easy to use. The simulator and associated tools are written in Java.

Current Version: 2.6.3 (Released 1/30/2006)

1. Running the Simulator

The best way to run the simulator is to use the JAR file provided. On Windows it is usually possible to just double click on the file. Otherwise, you may run it from the command line using the following command:

java -jar SaM-version.jar

Please note that SaM 2.6 requires JDK 1.5+. Please make sure you are running the latest version of the Java SE Development Kit (JDK) if you experience any problems.

2. Compiling the Simulator

We do not provide any support for compiling SaM. Your compiler is required to work with the provided JAR file as detailed below.

3. Downloading the Simulator

4. Documentation