CS 212 - Fall 2007

  Due Date Topic Files Updates Grading Guide Solution
Part 1 Friday, Sep 14, at 11:59pm Writing SaM Code        
Part 2 Part 2A Thursday, Sep 27, at 11:59pm Design Document;
Testing Strategy;
Test Cases

See the CS 212 Home Page for updates on loop semantics, forming groups, and scheduling meetings for Part 2A.

Part 2B Thursday, Oct 18, at 11:59pm Compiling Control Structures

Project Part 3 Part 3A Friday, Oct 26, 11:59PM Design Document for Part 3 (optional)        
Part 3B Tuesday, Nov 6,
Thursday, Nov 8, 11:59PM
Recursive Functions, Global Variables, and Error Handling   Syntax errors [a  missing colon and a missing semicolon] have been corrected in the Bali program that appeared in the Part 3 write-up.    
Project Part 4 Part 4 Friday, Nov 30, 11:59PM Arrays & Classes Links to provided files appear in the Project Part 4 write-up Nov 10: See Announcements

Nov 30: See Announcements