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SaM Instruction Set Architecture Manual

Instruction Set Architecture Manual Format

Each instruction specifies input types expected, output types, operand type, version, and description. The input and output values are ordered from top to bottom. The leftmost value corresponds to the top of the stack (for both input and output).


Input/output types correspond to the memory types supported by SaM (see Memory). The allowed operand types are Integer, Float, Character (single quotes), String (double quotes), and/or Label (unquoted string). Please note that no instruction requires a specific input type on the stack - all memory types are treated as integers, if they are not converted with the appropriate instructions.

Instruction Order Execution

All instructions change the value of the PC register. Most instructions will simply increase the PC value by 1. However, jumps may change this to a different value.


David Levitan 2006-02-12