CS 2112 Presents
The Great Socially Distanced



Congratulations to all the teams that participated.

1) Wish Upon A*

Champion: F for Effort
No official winner was crowned as no team made it through the maze. Team F for Effort (asc287, at564, qcm2) was granted the honorary title of champion for being the last team to die in each match.

2) Death First Search

Champion: THE_L0SERZ

Congratulations to team THE_L0SERZ (jy469, tjl223, zmb27)!

3) Bread First Search

Champion: Java Penguins

Congratulations to team Java Penguins (cjk264, pcp38, wyw6)!

4) GUI Showdown

The following teams competed in GUI Showdown:

By consensus among course staff, we crowned The Mutex Demons (mrc293, nk495, yw853) as champions, for the intuitive and slick UI, with useful features such as placing multiple creatures, as well as charming animations throughout.

Congratulations once again to all competitors. Thanks for coming, and thanks for taking CS 2112!

Tournament Overview

Come some, come all. Behold, the 2112 critter tournament is upon us. Combatants from across the classroom globe will join together to fight for their lives in these four trying challenges:

1) Wish Upon A*

Delicious Treasure lies at the end of the maze, and the first critter to make it through claims victory. But beware the minotaur which roams the halls...

2) Death First Search

An open field upon which critters will hash out their differences — by fighting! Groups will be placed in small clusters in each corner of the battlefield and the last species standing is victorious. If more than one species is left by the end of the time limit, ties are broken by sum of the sizes of critters from each species.

3) Bread First Search

Food as far as the eye can see, and the species which collects the most wins. Every tile of the map (except right around each starting cluster of critters) contains a small amount of food.

4) GUI Showdown

Compete for the coolest GUI. Critter-ia: impress the course staff. You may make changes to your GUI after the A6 submission. We will let you screen-share within Zoom and demo your GUI.

The tournament will take place Monday, December 21st from 9:30pm to 11pm Eastern Standard Time . See Piazza for the Zoom link.

Even if you don't enter any of the events, come anyway! It's fun to watch, so find the shortest path to the Zoom meeting! And if you feel unsure of your critter programming skills, know that the best program is not always the winning one. Stunning upsets and surprising winners are all quite common.

See the CMSX assignment to submit critters. Attached to the same assignment will also be sample maps for the first three events.

You don't need to submit anything, and winning is only worth fame and infamy. However, we will be granting bonus participation points to teams that enter by either submitting a critter to one or more events or joining the GUI showdown, so while the fun is optional, participation is highly recommended!

You may participate in teams of up to 3 people. Teams need not be the same as A6 (except for GUI Showdown). Critters will be due on CMSX by 11:59 the night before the tournament, December 20th. Teams intending to participate in GUI Showdown must also let us know on CMSX by that time. All critters will be normalized by setting their size, offense, and defense to 1, so don't try to cheat that way. This is all about the programs.

We'll see you there!

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