Discussion 4 handout

Group members (names & NetIDs)



Our exam study guide includes a thorough list of skills that you should be able to perform at this point in the course, divided into 6 categories:

  1. Procedural programming in Java
  2. Compile-time and run-time
  3. Classes in Java
  4. Testing
  5. Object-oriented programming in Java
  6. Exceptions

TAs have written questions that exercise these skills and will select several to review during section. Work with your group to answer the questions as they are presented, recording your work and final answer on your worksheet. Submit this worksheet as usual at the end of section (it is okay if your section does not get through five different problems).

Problem 1

Problem 2

Problem 3

Problem 4

Problem 5


  1. Open the assignment page for “Discussion activity 4” in CMSX
  2. [Recorder] Find the “Group Management” section and invite each group member
  3. [Others] Refresh the page and accept your invitation
  4. [Recorder] Take a picture of your work and save as either a JPEG or a PDF file named “discussion_responses” (you do not need to submit your test code). After all invitations have been accepted, upload your picture along with your code as your group’s submission.
    • Recommended scanning apps: Microsoft Office Lens, Adobe Scan, Genius Scan, Evernote Scannable

Ensure that your group is formed and your work submitted before the Friday evening deadline.

Tips and reminders

Challenge problem

If your entire group finishes early and are looking for more practice with this material, try completing this additional task. To be clear, we are not expecting anyone to submit work on challenge problems to CMSX, nor will your TA have time to discuss them in section. But you are welcome to discuss them on Ed or to bring questions and ideas to office hours.

Preparation: Demo code and word hunt files

Please download dis04-release.zip, extract it to a known location on your computer, and open it as a project in IDEA. The class ReadLineDemo should be similar to examples from lecture.

Task 1: Word hunt

One group member, the driver, should open “WordHunt.java” in their “dis04” IDEA project. They will be responsible for writing and running code. The other group members will serve as navigators, double-checking what is typed and suggesting solution structures to efficiently achieve the desired goal.

Implement WordHunt.main() to perform the following task:

Run WordCount and record both the index entry and the final word on your worksheet.