1/12/13 The US Department of Homeland Security, DHS, has issued a very unusual warning about a security concern that turns out to be relevant to cs2110.  It seems that if Java version 7 (aka 1.7) is enabled for use in your web browser, it can be tricked into downloading and executing malicious code that would basically turn your computer into a brain-dead zombie slave of some kind of evil terrorist empire.  Not a good thing.  But this is only an issue for use of Java inside the web browser, and that feature isn't automatic.  If you've enabled it, you can easily disable it, by googling "disable java in my xxxx browser" (e.g. internet explorer, chrome, safari, etc) and then following the vendor instructions that come up. It takes a few seconds and you'll have done your part to preserve western civilization from the slowly approaching darkness.  Thanks!

So: If you lack Java, or have a version older than JDK SE 6, you do need to install the Jave SE 7 (the current release), along with Eclipse (the Juno release). But if you end up with JDK version 7, you must not enable Java as a web browser add-on (aka "plugin").  If you are using Java as a web browser add-on, check to see if your add-on is at Java version 7 in the browser control panel, and if it is, disable the browser add-on. 

This is probably as good a time as any to stress that Java version 6 is ok with us and seems not to have this issue.  We explain (click the "Resources" tab above) how you can tell which version you have, if any.
1/11/13 We'll be using Piazza for course discussions and 24x7 online help. Piazza may claim that there is an ENGRD version of the discussion area, but don't sign up for that version; it won't be active.
1/11/13 Ken has created a CMS account for you, and also arranged for you to have access to the CSUG lab.  You can also do all your work on your laptop at home, but we try to have consultants available in the CSUG lab who can help you out (during designated times) when issues arise.
1/11/13 The Add/Drop system should open up on January 15.  At that time please add CS2111 if you think you'll be attending (optional), and also make sure you are enrolled in a recitation section that is at a time you can actually attend. 

Keep in mind that physical attendence at the main lectures and in one recitation section are required for the course.  CS2111 is optional but recommended for people who are really worried about the pace of the class and their programming skills.  If you take it, you still need to attend a recitation as well.