Current Announcements

Date Topic Description
8/5 tweaked for debugging. There was an exception handling error in the original file that makes debugging the trafficsim classes extremely difficult (errors cause the program to abort quietly instead of raising an exception). This problem has been fixed. Please use the updated version of We apologize for the inconvenience.
Final Project, Part Deux! Project 5b has been released.
Review session rooms The review sessions will be held in Phillips 403, on Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 PM.
Course Evaluations Please take a minute to fill out a course evaluation at
Final info The review sessions are scheduled for saturday and sunday at 7:00. Rooms will be announced ASAP. A list of topics has been posted on the exams page.
A5 Part 1 Assignment 5, part 1 has been released. It has an optional due date of friday, August 4. Part two will be released later this week with a mandatory due date of Tuesday the 8th (7:00 PM). You may work in groups of up to 3 for this project.
A4 Trivia Solutions A4 trivia solutions have been posted on the assignments page.
Prelim Solutions The prelim solutions have been posted on the exams page. Be sure you understand them, since the final exam will be cumulative.
A3 Solutions The Assignment 3 solutions have been posted on the assignments page.
A4 update It has been brought to my attention that I forgot to recompile the A4 writeup before I put it up. I've updated it now. I think the only change is that question 2.7 has been removed.
Lecture Notes The Lecture Notes page has been updated to contain lecture notes and reading for the topics we've covered up until now. Reading and notes for the remainder of the course will be up shortly.
A4 Released A4 has been released. It contains some questions on sorting, which we didn't get to in lecture today, but we'll get to it tomorrow. You should get started on the rest of it right away.
Yet another A3 update We've released another update to A3. This one compiles.
A3 Trivia solutions Trivia solutions have been posted on the assignments page.
Another A3 update We added some code that we forgot to implement in the BSTMap class.
A3 update We've released a small update to A3 which fixes a number of small bugs. See the CHANGELOG file for details.
A2 solutions up The A2 solutions have been posted on the assignments page
A3 trivia extension I accidentally set CMS to only accept groups of exactly two people, rather than at most two. I've extended the deadline to noon today to allow people to submit it.
A3 general extension As announced in class, since we didn't post the A2 solutions until today, there will be a general extension of A3 until Tuesday. A3 is now due Tuesday at 10:00 AM. A4 will still be released next Monday as scheduled.
Review sessions The two review sessions will be Wednesday and Thursday in Upson 109 from 7:00-9:00 PM. Please come prepared with questions!
Regrades Students who require regrades for A1 or any subsequent assignment should email Mike with a description of why you think you deserve one.
A3 up Assignment 3 is posted on the assignments page
Prelim topics I've posted a rough summary of the prelim topics on the prelims page.
A2 FAQ I've answered a number of questions in the A2 FAQ
Assignment 2 updates There have been a number of small updates to the assignment code. See the CHANGELOG file in the zip for details on the changes. If you have already made similar changes, you don't need to use the new code.
A2trivia solution posted There is a solution to the A2 trivia assignment posted
Assignment 2 released Assignment 2 has been posted on the assignments page. It's bigger than A1, so you should get started immediately.
Extra Consulting There will be extra consulting tomorrow (friday) from 5:30-7:30.
Office update Jeff's office is Upson 5154 &emdash; we had his old office number up before.
Lecture Notes I've posted the lecture notes from last year on the lecture notes page.
Assignment reminder The first assignment is due on thursday.
Jeff's Office Hours Jeff's office hours have been posted on the Staff page.
NetIDs If you do not have a netid, you will need to get one and email it to Mike as soon as possible so that I can add you to CMS. To obtain a netid, stop by room 119 of the Computing and Communications Center (CCC). For more information, see
Consulting This friday's consulting hours will be from 6-8 inestead of their normal time. There will be consulting this weekend, but note that there is no consulting scheduled for monday or tuesday.
Assignment 1 posted Assignment 1 is up on the assignments page. The trivia portion is due on Wednesday, so you should get started right away.
Welcome to CS211 Welcome to CS211! I'm looking forward to teaching you and I hope you're looking forward to learning. I think we'll have a fun summer session. Just a reminder, the first class is on Monday the 26th, in Upson B17.