CS211 Section Notes

Week Topics Files
12 last section (TBA) TBA
11 graphs (old code in CS211 Spring 2003) Graph Review
Notes about Dijkstra
10 big O Q/A
data structure review
runtime summary
summary of runtime summary
9 A4 Q/A
heap files
8 inner classes
inner class notes
iteration review
more iteration notes
lots of examples (iterators and inner classes)
7 asymptotic complexity notes and review
longer proof of binary search runtime
Example used in notes
6 inheritance
many examples
explanations of some rules
5 Trees Tree Notes
More Tree Notes (more about BSTs)
Example Binary Node Class
Example Binary Tree Class
Example Tester
tree concept (build as you go)
build tree from nodes
build tree with "header"
example tree recursion
using output to show tree
4 Induction Weak and Strong Induction
Induction notes
3 Recursion and Parsing Grammars
MIPS example
Expression calculator (no trees)
Expression calculator (trees)
2 recursion and tokenizing recursion examples
array recursion example
Scanner example
Switch example
1 overview of section and course
main method
command-line environment
Java Applications