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Course Grades Course grades are up on CMS.  You may view your final exam and submit a regrade request after the start of the fall semester. Instructions can be found here.  For graduating seniors only, you may view your final exam and submit a regrade request from now until Friday, May 27. Bring your student ID to Kelly, 5147 Upson.  You may view your exam, but you may not take it away.

That's all folks! Thanks to everyone for your participation in the course, and have a great summer!
Stop the Emails! Students, PLEASE stop emailing us regarding course grades. The grades will be out soon enough, and you can get them on CMS.
Maze Contest Winners We had two groups of winners for our A6 maze contest. Christopher Estela and Robert Fusco produced a very exciting maze game with night vision, sounds, and various nemeses in the form of CS211 staff members. Andrew Chan and Scott Lindermann produced a 3D maze using the Java 3D library. Both groups have kindly given their permission to post their programs here. Honorable mention to Sean Francis-Lyon for a background-painting application. Note: the Chan/Lindermann program requires the Java 3D libraries. See their readme.txt file for installation instructions. [download Chan/Lindermann] [download Estela/Fusco]
Extra Office Hours Dexter will hold hours Monday 5/16, 1-4pm.
Need CS100M Consultants! Did you get help from the consultants this year and now want to help future students? Do you think you can make consulting more valuable? Consider becoming a CS100M consultant after you take CS211! (For exceptional candidates we might waive the CS211 requirement.) This is an opportunity to help others, augment your resume, and get paid! For more information on consulting, visit Laurie Buck in the CS UGrad Office, 303 Upson.
More Consultants! Several courses (including CS100 and CS211) are always looking for great consultants. In CS211, we anticipate having some spots to fill next semester. If you are interested, see the CS100M announcement on contact information.
Office Hour Changes Alvin will hold hours next week on Monday at 8:00-9:00pm
Office Hour Changes Lisa: Thursday May 12 from 12:00-1:00; Kevin: Thursday May 12, 11:00-12:00
Course Evals The College of Engineering requires that course evaluations be done online. To complete the evaluation, visit the link below between 4/28 and 5/7. Please note that completing the evaluations is an assignment, and will be counted as part of your grade for the course.