Connecting to UGCLINUX

To connect to the ugclinux machine you will need to make sure you are either on a campus network or have CUVPN installed.

You will also need an SSH client


To find out how to install and use CUVPN, go to it@Cornell's CUVPN SITE.


If you are using a Macintosh, you should be able to launch a terminal window and type ssh commands.
If you are using Windows, you may need to download an SSH client program such as puTTY.
Android and iOS also have SSH clients available, but may not be that easy to navigate unless you have a hardware keyboard paired with your device.

Logging In

When logging in to ugclinux, you will use your NetID and your username. You will need to connect to the host named "".

So, if I'm using the Mac terminal, I'd type:


Where rd29 is my NetID (so you would substitute yours there). The first time you connect you will be asked to store the public key of the machine you are connecting to, you should allow this. Then you will be prompted for your password. Use your regular NetID password here. When you successfully enter your password, you will see login banners that look something like this:

===== Support Information =====
Web Site:
System maintenance: Tuesday or Thursday between 5am-7am these servers may be rebooted
===== Home Directory Files =====
Home directory files are removed after graduation.
Please copy your files to another location at the end of the semseter if you wish to keep them.
Last login: Tue Feb 9 21:20:51 2021 from

And then you will see a shell prompt. Mine looks like this:


To logout, you can type the "logout" or "exit" command.