Computation, Information, and Intelligence (ENGRI/CS/INFO/COGST 172), Spring 2007
Staff contact info and course calendar

Since the Spring 2007 semester is over, the "live" calendar has been disabled. The text below is archival. For your convenience, below is a "live" calendar giving office hours, homework due dates, and exam dates. All updates will be announced in class (or, if necessary, by email) as well. so you don't need to check here continuously. If you use Google Calendar, you can also subscribe to this calendar by following this link: subscribe to the 172 office hours and events calendar.

The contact info and "regular" office hours information given here, which are provided in case you wish to make an appointment with a course-staff member, are drawn from the Course staff and weekly office hours handout distributed on 1/31/07 (which also describes office-hour policies). However, you will probably have already noticed that the addresses below have been given in an easily-decipherable but scrambled form due to address spiders.

Prof. Lillian Lee: 4152 Upson,, 255-8119   Anton Morozov: (head TA)
Jared Cantwell:    Ben Pu: , AIM screen name "maestro pu"
Rafael Frongillo:    Sean Seguin:
Nick Gallo:    Mark Yatskar:
Selina Lok:    Adam Yeh:

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