Visits to the body scanning lab and 3-d printing (nanotechnology) lab

The lab visits will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 8:25am-10:30am. Attend on your assigned day only--on the other days you can use those hours for homework and studying. Please do not request a change in your assigned group; the request will not be granted.

Safety: You must wear closed toed shoes! Safety glasses and safety over-glasses will be provided, which you must wear over your eyes at all time when inside the nanotechnology lab.

You will have the opportunity to be scanned (as a group) in the body scanning lab. Do not wear black clothing if you care about how the scan will turn out.

Meeting place: Human Ecology Building (HEB) West entrance (Terrace level) in front of the elevators
Meeting time: 8:25AM

Monday Group 1:
Meshal, Nasiah, Mitchell, Arda, Brandon L, Roy, Samana, Hom, Yue, Hayden, Brandon Y, Ellen

Tuesday Group 2:
Weston, Anjie, Gefen, Sophie, Jeffrey, Brandon P, Rong, Lillian, Tony, Henry, Dennis, Yupei

Wednesday Group 3:
Bennett, Han, Kevin, Colisa, Maddie, Amisha, Rosa, Cecilia, Burt, Yan, Zhao, Zoey