Homework 1

Due date: Friday, October 6 at noon

Late policy:
Afterand beforeyou get
 noon on Friday, October 6100% of the grade
12:01 pm on Friday, October 65:00 am on Saturday, October 780% of the grade
5:01 am on Saturday, October 75:00 am on Monday, October 950% of the grade
5:01 am on Monday, October 9 nothing

This homework will be graded out of 10 points. Future homeworks will probably "cost" more.

Please read all the instructions carefully. Remember, everything is case-sensitive!

You should do all the work yourself without any assistance from other people. If you need help, post your question to cornell.class.cs114 newsgroup or if you want to keep your question private, e-mail me at nogin@cs.cornell.edu.

Part I

(1 point) Take a look at the permissions for your home directory. Make sure that nobody but you can list contents of your home directory and/or create files there. Feel free to give some people access to specific files in your home directory if you need it for other classes.

(1 point) Create a subdirectory cs114-HW1 in your home directory. Make sure you are the only one who has any kind of access permissions to it.

(1 point) Create a subdirectory A in cs114-HW1, subdirectory B in A and subdirectory C in B.

(3 points) Go to HW1 subdirectory of the home directory of the user cs114. Somewhere inside of it there are file1, file2 and file3. Copy file1 to A, file2 to B and file3 to C. Beware! I "scattered" the files in HW1. You will need to go "digging" around to find them. Hints: I might have "hidden" a directory. I might have used "special" characters, also. If you can't find one of the files, create an empty one (you wouldn't receive any credit for that, but at least you'll be able to try to get the next 2 points).

(2 points) Set the permission as follows:

Now you are ready to have Part I graded. Run ~cs114/bin/grade-hw1 . If you run it several times, only the first grade will be counted, so do not run it until you are ready to turn in your homework. You should get a confirmation e-mail after your HW is received.

Part II

(2 points) Using pine on babbage send an e-mail to cs114@cs.cornell.edu with a short note explaining what's your main reason for taking CS114. The subject of the e-mail must be
HW1 <your cuid>
For example: HW1 123456.

You would get a confirmation e-mail at your NetId@cornell.edu address.

You'll get partial credit (1 point) for e-mail sent using some other program. If you are not using pine on babbage, please make sure that the return address in your e-mail contains your NetID.