M, W, F 12:20-1:10
in Upson 142

CS 1133: Short Course in Python

Spring 2020

Instructor: Craig Frey

441A Gates Hall


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Bring your laptop to the first class

This course is hands-on, and we will be working on the computer right away.
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The textbook is optional and online

There is no official textbook for the class, but there is a free PDF that you can use as a reference.
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Course Description

CS 1133: Short Course in Python            Fall, Spring. 2 credits. S-U grades only.
Prerequisite: None

Introduction to the Python programming language. Covers the basic programming constructs of Python, including assignment, conditionals, iteration, functions, object-oriented design, arrays, and vectorized computation. Designed for students who need Python for research or other courses. Does not assume any previous programming experience.

Students who take this course will build an understanding of will understand the basic Python constructs and be able to write simple programs.

Course Material Authors: D. Gries, L. Lee, S. Marschner, & W. White (over the years)