M, W, F 12:20-1:10
in Upson 142

CS 1133: Short Course in Python

Spring 2020

Course Overview

This an a S/U course where you will receive an S if you meet the deadlines and (eventually) turn in satisfactory work. Both of the assignments are on a pass-fail basis. If you do not pass an assignment, you will be asked to redo an assignment until you do pass. The only way to make a U in the class is to miss deadlines. See the grading page for more information.


This semester we are running an experiment where we are "flipping" the classroom. We are devoting minimal class-time to lecture (no more than 10-15 minutes a day). The rest of class will be spent working on programming labs. These will be hands-on guided exercises. This means that you must bring your laptop to class.

If you like having traditional lectures, we still have the original 1110 VideoNote lectures available. This course is roughly half of 1110, up to Fall Break. You are free to watch those lectures for more in-depth explanations. However, class time will be spent doing, not listening.

These labs will be similar to 1110 labs, but are designed to be shorter. However, this is new for us and this is an S/U class. If you feel that the workload is unbearable, let us know (loudly) and we will adjust the amount of work. In addition, you are free to miss four classes/labs with no grade penalty.


The course has two assigments, or larger programming projects. You must (eventually) receive an S grade on each assignment in order to receive an S for the class. The exact grading details are part of the instructions for each assignment. One will be due half-way through the 7 week course. The other will be due the last week of the course.

Since we want everyone to make an S in the course, you will always get a chance to revise your assignment. However, in the case of the last assignment, this may mean that you are revising well after the course is over if you are not careful. Please keep on top of deadlines.

Office Hours and Tutoring

For office hourse with the instructor, please see the staff listing. For meetings with consultants in the lab, please see the consulting hours.

Course Material Authors: D. Gries, L. Lee, S. Marschner, & W. White (over the years)