M, F 2:30-3:20
in Thurston 205

CS 1133: Short Course in Python

Spring 2017

CS 1130 Staff

Name E-Mail/Contact Office Availability
Craig Frey craig.frey@cornell.edu
Phone: 255-2166
Gates 347

1. Office Hours: 3:30 - 4:30 pm Wed
    347 Gates Hall
2. By Appointment (via e-mail)

Administrative Assistant
Amy Elser ahf42@cornell.edu
Phone: 255-5331
Gates 401 Contact for administrative issues.

Get in the habit of dropping in on the TAs if you have questions.

Angela Yang aqy2@cornell.edu

The supervising consultants are Alex Parkhurst (anp56), Julia Sun (jys35), and Yiting Wang (yw428).

The consultants are as follows: Anna Rice (acr235), Arielle Anderer (aea68), Annie Barnett (akb222), Anna Fang (amf269), Arun Pidugu (ap639), Joaquin Amante (aya24), Brynn Richter (ber65), Christian Rodriguez (cer95), Camila Pretiz (cp573), Catherine Zhou (cz284), Erissa Irani (eli8), Foteini Kriezi (fk233), George Driskell (gd326), Gee Kwon (gk297), Hyoann Choi (hc745), Ivan Dimitrov (idd2), Ingrid Libman (iml29), Jordan Greissman (jag538), Jessica Lee (jal476), Jerica Huang (jh2263), Jesse Phillips (jop23), Jeremy Lee (jrl352), Jatin Bharwani (jsb399), Jacob Padilla (jsp264), Justin Selig (jss459), Jonathan Ou (jto27), Jonathan Falk (jzf5), Karen Fang (kf288), Kevin Li (kl553), Karrie Shi (kms435), Kristy Liao (kpl44), Kristi Lee (ksl72), Kanchan Yawalkar (ksy9), Louis Liu (ll677), Luke Nyalala (lkn28), Meghan Chen (mc2254), Maureen Jian (mj394), Murali Saravanan (mms396), Natasha Armbrust (nka8), Nancy Shen (nws37), Ryan Hornung (rmh286), Samuel Opoku-Agyemang (so373), Stephanie Sun (ss2938), Stephanie Xu (sx49), Victoria Litvinova (vl242), Xiaoguang Huo (xh84), Xinqi Lyu (xl358), Xingchen Li (xl464), Xin Lin (xl466), Xinzhe Yang (xy269), and Yuntian Lan (yl653).

You can meet with consultants during the hours outlined in the calendar below. This calendar will be updated regularly; whenever there is a change. Hours can change on a weekly basis, depending on what is going on in the course that week (for instance, if an assignment is due or not), so please check here first.

Consulting hours are held whenever there is a time slot listing a consultant's name (do not try to attend something called "Consultant meeting"), and are located in the ACCEL lab green room.