M, F 2:30-3:20
in Olin 165

CS 1133: Short Course in Python

Fall 2017


Labs are hands on sessions in which you get to work on Python exercises with the help of a TA or an undergraduate consultant. You need to bring your laptop to labs, as they are not held in a computer lab. If you do not have a laptop, you should work on the lab during your own time and then show the result to a consultant before the end of the week.

Labs are held every week on Wednesdays (during discussion section). Labs are held at the same time as lecture, but in a different classroom: Upson 142. While lab attendance is not mandatory, you must complete the lab by the week after it is assigned. To complete a lab, simply show your work to a TA or a consultant. You can either do this during lab, or during consultant hours.

Lab Schedule

The weekly labs in this class are tentatively listed in the table below. This table includes both the PDF for the lab instructions, as well as the files need to complete the lab.

Lab Topic PDF Code
Lab 1 Expressions and Assignments lab01.pdf hello1.py
Lab 2 Modules and Functions lab02.pdf
Lab 3 Strings and Testing lab03.pdf lab03.py
Lab 4 Assignment 1 lab04.pdf lab04.py
Lab 5 Lists and Control Structures lab05.pdf lab05.py
Lab 6 Objects and Classes lab06.pdf lab06.py