M, F 2:30-3:20
in Olin 218

CS 1133: Transition to Python

Fall 2013


While the labs are meant to give you practice with the basic concepts, the assignments are intended to assess how well you have learned them. There are only three assignments in this course: two programming assignments and one written assignment. Collectively, they are worth 50% of your grade. The deadlines for these assignments are all fixed, regardless of whether you are in the lecture-based or the self-study sections.

For those of you who want to get started early (particularly among the self-study group), you are free to turn in an assignment early. The graders will check CMS on a regular basis and try to get to your assignment as soon as possible. Our only restrictions are that you must work on the assignments in order, and you must have received a grade on an assignment before moving to the next one.

Assignment Task Deadline
Assignment 1 Currency Monday, September 23rd
Assignment 2 Color Models Monday, October 7th
Assignment 3 Images Saturday, October 19th