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Part 2. Using MATLAB

Module 1, part 1. Introduction


No. Topic Discussion
1. What is computing? Why should we learn it? Here is an essay by Prof. Charles Van Loan   Read This reading is optional but likely you will find the first half interesting. Read up to the third section, "The Five Computational Senses."
2. Where to find MATLAB   ♦ You can use MATLAB for free in a number of computer labs on campus, including the labs in the Engineering Quad (Carpenter Hall ACCEL, Hollister Hall 464, and Phillips Hall 318) and on North Campus in RPCC.
♦ To get MATLAB on your own computer, you can purchase a student version of MATLAB from the Cornell Store or from Mathworks.
Later in the semester, free remote access to MATLAB will be available. Note, however, that due to its remote nature, interaction will be slow.