M/F 2:30-3:20   
in Olin 255

CS 1130: Transition to OO Programming

Spring 2014

Web Lectures

Historically, this class was a self-study course with no lectures at all. The lectures consisted of several on-line online "web lectures" that the students read before working on the assignments. While some students were able to work in this environment, very few students were successful in this format. This is why we moved to a more structured format for this course.

Because of the new format, this material is now depricated, which means it will no longer be updated. However, that does not mean that they are not still useful. The material covered in these web lectures is not exactly the same as what is currently covered in class, and is an excellent supplement. Therefore, we provide them here, in their original form.

Unit Topic
Module 1: Introduction to Java and OO
Part 1 Introduction to CS 1130
Part 2 Integrated development environments
(DrJava and Eclipse)
Part 3 Types and Expressions
Part 4 Variables, Declarations, and Assignments
Part 5 Objects and Classes
Part 6 The Class Definition
Part 7 Specifications, Testing, and Debugging
Part 8 API Packages
Module 2: In-Depth Discussions
Part 1 More on Methods
Part 2 More on OO Programming
Part 3 Applications & Applets
Part 4 Programming Style
Part 5 Advanced OO Concepts
Part 6 Reading and Writing Files