M/F 2:30-3:20   
in Olin 255

CS 1130: Transition to OO Programming

Spring 2014

Course Overview

This an a S/U course where you will receive an S if you meet the deadlines and (eventually) turn in satisfactory work.

All of the assignments are on a pass-fail basis. Furthermore, if you do not pass, you will be asked to redo an assignment or exam until you do pass. The only way to make a U in the class is to miss deadlines. See the grading page for more information.


Twice a week (on Mondays and Fridays) we hold lecture sections. This is the primary way in which information in the course will be presented. The text book is getting a bit out of date and the old web-based lectures are not as informative as the in-class lectures will be. While we do have VideoNote available, the recorded lectures are for CS 1110, not CS 1130, which is targeted at a different audience.

All students are encouraged to attend lecture.

Lecture Course No. Day Time Room
001 11716 Mon/Fri 2:30PM-3:20PM Olin 255

Programming Labs

There will be a programming lab every week, held during the discussion sections. While you do not need to attend the actual discusssion section, you are required to do the lab. The lab must be shown to a TA or consultant by the Wednesday of the week after it was held. If you miss more than one lab without a good excuse, you will receive a U for the course.

Because the computer labs are reserved for the standard, 4 credit, introductory classes, our labs will be held in an auditorium. You will need to bring your laptop. The primary advantage of doing the lab in discussion section rather than at home is that TAs and consultants are guaranteed to be on hand to help you work on the lab. And if you finish it within the hour (most of the labs can be finished that quickly), you can immediately show it to a TA or consultant and be done for the week.

Sections will either be held in Olin 165 or Philips 203.

Like the lecture, you are free to attend the discussion section of your choosing. You are also free to do the lab on your own time, provided that you turn it on time. Not turning in a lab on time counts as missing the lab, and two such late submissions will result in a U grade for the course.

Course Roster When Where Instructor
12714 (201) Wed 2:30 - 3:20PM Olin 165
12715 (202) Wed 3:35 - 4:25PM Olin 165
12716 (203) Wed 7:30 - 8:20PM Philips 203

Office Hours and Tutoring

For office hourse with the instructor or TAs, please see the staff listing. For meetings with consultants in the lab, please see the consulting hours.