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1. Orientation session: attend one if you wish, during the week of 23 Jan:

  • Tuesday, 3:35-4:35pm, Olin Hall 155
    Wednesday, 4:25-5:25pm, Olin Hall 155

If you cannot attend an orientation session, are not attending the lectures, and, feel the need for an orientations session, email Maria Witlox, suggesting other meeting times.


2. CMS for the course

If you preregistered, you will be in the CMS by 23 January. Click to find out about it.

If you are not in the CMS, email Maria Witlox <> and ask her to add you. Remember to give your Cornell netId.

3. Piazza

Participate in our discussion group, You can ask questions and take part in answering them.

4. Getting help, taking quizzes, etc.

The ACCEL green room (in Carpenter Hall) is used for consulting for CS1110, CS1130, CS 1112, and CS 1132. There, you can take the quizzes, get help on programming assignments. and get questions about the material answered. The consultant schedule appears on this page.