Lecture Slides

Warning: These powerpoint files are typically modified a day or two before they are presented in lecture. Go the syllabus for printable versions.

  L0 Course Logistics L17 Structures  
  L1 Course Overview L18 Handle Graphics
  L2 Matlab Basics L19 2D Arrays
  L3 Introduction to Conditionals L20 More on 2D Arrays
  L4 Iteration with For-Loops L21 Cell Arrays, Structure Arrays, and Character Arrays
  L5 More on Conditionals L22 Working with Data Files
  L6 More on For-Loops L23 Working with Image Files
  L7 Iteration with While-Loops L24 More on Image File Processing
  L8 Matlab Graphics L25 Working with Sound Files
  L9 The Discrete versus The Continuous L26 More on Sound File Processing
  L10 Using Arrays to Plot Functions L27 Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms
  L11 User-Defined Functions L28 Object-Oriented Programming I
  L12 More on User-Defined Functions L29 Object-oriented Programming II
  L13 More on Arrays L30 Sensitivity Analysis
  L14 Arrays and Functions L31 The Google PageRank Computation
  L15 Strings L32 Constrained Optimization
  L16 Cell Arrays