Is CS 1115 the  right course for you?



CS 1115 is an entry-level course in computer programming offered by the Department of Computer Science. Alternatives include CS 1110 (Introduction to Computing Using Python)), CS 1112 (Introduction to Computing Using Matlab), and CS 1114 (Introduction to Computing Using Matlab and Robotics). Each of these courses sets the stage for CS 2110 (Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures). Note that CS 1115 is fall-only while CS 1114 is spring-only.

Regarding CS 1115, the following list of  formal ( * ) and informal ( ** ) prerequisites may help you decide if this course is of interest:

    * You have completed a math course that is roughly equivalent to Math 1910 or 1120. "Roughly" because it is more about your mathematical maturity than your ability to  recall calculus facts.

    *  You have  some programming experience, but probably not at the AP CS level.

    ** You like math and are interested in expanding your mathematical intuition through computing.

    ** You want to learn more about the role of computing and mathematics in science and engineering because      you sense that it will be important to your career.

    ** You want to learn how to design an effective graphical user interface because it will enhance your ability to communicate technical ideas.

    ** You want to develop undergraduate research skills through active participation in a relatively small class and are interested in follow-up independent study opportunities with the instructor.

If  you have questions about the somewhat fuzzy prerequisites, then please send me an email and I will help you reason about CS 1115 and alternative entry-level CS courses. The first day of class will be used to help you figure out if this is the right course for you. Enrollment is capped at 40 students, so register sooner rather than later!