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Projects and Challenge Problems

Important: Be familiar with academic integrity as it applies to CS 1115.

Handout Given Scripts/Functions Solutions (Approx Mean Scores in Parens)
  Project 1, C1    Platonic (4.7), EllipsePerimeter (4.3), MyPi (4.8),   (4.4), Challenge1
  Project 2 and C2 StarryGUI.fig, StarryGUI.m Buffon (4.9), BigBang (4.2), StarryGUI.m (4.2) StarryGUI.fig, Challenge2
  Project 3 and C3 Challenge3, ShowLS_fit, KeplerGUI.fig, KeplerGUI.m  Pade, ShowPade, (3.6) LS_fit, ShowLS_fit,(4.2) SectorTimes.(3.1)  Tessellation12
  Project 4, P4GUI and C4 C4.m , MakePoint. MinEllipse.fig, MinEllipse.m HexSol (4.5)  OrbitSol, (4.5) MakeOrbitCVL, ShowOrbitsCVL, Rogue.m (4.7)  Rogue.fig C4
  Project 5 and C5 Cornel_Clock.jpg, 1bl8.dat, ShowBackbone, ShredderChecker, ContourGUI.fig, ContourGUI.m WhatIsThis.jpg AAPairsCVL (4.4) , ContourGUI.fig, ContourGUI.m (3.5) Bordered. Shred, ShredToJpeg (4.8) SmartShredToJpeg 
  Project 6 and C6 PartyCrasher, MyLaugh.wav, MyClap.wav, MyBoo.wav, MyParty.wav

Phone.m,Phone.fig (7.5) ,noCoin.wav, RingTone11025.wav,Coin-01.wav, mondTest,RandomMondrian (4.9), PartyCrasherSol 
  Project 7 and C7 Date.m, PresidentData.m

PolyTrig , LineSegment, CirclePolygon

TestQ1, TestQ2, TestQ3

PolyTrig (4.9), LineSegment (5.0), CirclePolygon (4.3)

PresTable, Date, President, ListOfPresidents

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  Prelim 2 OldExamA  Sol       OldExamB  Soln       OldQuizA  Soln       OldQuizB   Soln  
  Final A, B, C    Solution