Dec 7  Final Exam Solution

Dec 4 Sample finals are here. There will be an object oriented programming question involving some subset of the classes that have shown up in the Lab 12 and in P7: Point, PointSet, Circle, PolyTrig, LineSegment, CirclePolygon. In particular, be familiar with how the instance methods in those classes can be used.

Dec 4  P7 and C7 are graded. Solutions here.

Nov 28 Final Exam Details:

                      Time:   7:00 PM  

                       Day :  Thursday, Dec 6 

                      Place:  Hollister Hall 312

Nov 28. Three remarks concerning Project 7. 

(1) Test scripts for the three questions are available.

(2) There is a typo in the formula for the distance of a point to a line segment. The square root in the the recipe for the case 0<=t<=1 should not be there. Should just be (a1-a2)^2 + (b1-b2)^2 in the denominator.

(3) In your implementation of the instance function Eval in problem one, make use the built-in Matlab function polyval. Note: polyval([10 20 30],z) returns 30 + 20z + 10z^2  NOT 10 + 20z+30z^2.

Nov 28 A test script for Lab12 is on the syllabus page. So are the solutions, which you should not look at until you have spent trying to work things out on your own!.

Nov 26. The P6 solutions are available. I stole some .wav files from your submissions! The ten points for the GUI were roughly distributed as follows:Coordination of the push buttons with the LED window = 2pts, Making the call = 2 pts, detecting the end of phone number input = 1pt, pop-up menu processing = 2pts, sound effects = 2pts, image display = 1pt.

Nov 16. The circulated solution to Problem 3 on the prelim was wrong. There should be no k-loop and the quartile computations should have "64" not "4", e.g., u = ceil(A(i,j,1)/64). I don't think I mis-graded this problem, but you may want to check over the scoring of this problem to make sure.

Nov 7. Project 6 is now available.

Nov 7 This week's lab is dedicated to reviewing for the prelim. Download the necessary items from  the syllabus page. The problems identify good things to practice on. Do not assume that they cover every possible topic.

Nov 5 Practice questions for the prelim are here.

Nov 2. Prelim 2 is on Thursday, November 8, 7:30-9:00pm in Upson 5130. (Same room as Prelim 1.) The exam will cover everything through the Nov 1 lecture, Nov 1 Lab,  and Project 5. Sample exam questions will be posted Monday morning.

Nov 2. A mystery shredded jpeg is here for those of you doing Challenge 5..

Nov 2  I think I cleared up the shred size issue on Piazza, but just in case, if the image is m-by-n, then the shreds are m-by-p and there are q = n/p shreds.

Oct 30  Typo in parameter list for Borders. There should be no "c".

Oct 25  Final exam details: Thu, Dec 6    7:00 PM  Hollister Hall 312

Oct 22  The solutions to P4 and C4 are available.

Oct 16 A sample GUI relevant to the current assignment (problem 3) is available. The P4 handout is update again!

Oct 12. The P4 handout has been updated to include Problem 2. 

Oct 6 C4 is available. P4 soon. the due date has been pushed back to Oct 16.

Oct 5. Prelim 1 is graded. Here is the solution guide.

Oct 1. Prelim 1 will take place this Thursday (10/4), 7;30-9:00pm, in Upson 5130.

Oct 1. Project 3 is graded.

Sept 28 Get ready or Prelim 1! The exam syllabus is best defined by the programs associated with  Project 1, Project 2, Project 3, Labs 1-6, and all lectures through Sept 27. The M-problems in FVL Chapters 1-6 are a good way to review also. Find old exam questions here.

Sept 26 The GUI codes are available. The motion is a bit "jerky", and will be improved later in the term after we learn more about how to organize GUIs with animation. However, what is there now is good enough from the standpoint of completing Problem 3. BTW, make sure the two GUI files are in the current working directory together with SectorTimes

Sept 25  In the Project 3 writeup, there is a typo in the formula for beta_k on the first page. The "p!" in the numerator should be "q!".

Sept 21. Project 3 is ready to go. I pushed the due date to Sunday Sept 30 because the week is heavy with prelims in other courses. The GUI codes will be available on Monday.

Sept 19 Typo near the top of page 2. "...can be passed as wel ass..." should be ''..can be passed as well as..." Hope this didn't cause any confusion!

Sept 18 Challenge 3 is posted.

Sept 16 Project 2 and Challenge 2 are graded.

Sept 13 In StarryGUI.m, the line

                      % Draw an array of stars having nRow rows and nCol columns
should be

             % Draw an array of stars having nRows rows and nCols columns

Sept 10. Solutions to P1 and C1 are available. The C1 solution is due to Andrea Lin who cleverly exploited a sixway symmetry. She basically counts the tiles in the "northeast pizza slice" column-by-column. For your information, here are some values for (r,N) where N is the number of hexagons required to cover a radius-r disk: (1,7), (10,151), (100,12343), (1000,1211545), (7.4,85), (33.9,1483), (121.1,18025).

Sept 7. The P2 handout is available. Scripts for the GUI problem will be ready by Monday at the latest.

Sept 4. The leap year example has been corrected in L5. See also LeapYear.m.

August 31. Here is a solution script for the nStar problems in this week's lab. FYI, the odd-n star area converges to pi/3 while the even-n star area converges to pi/2. And the answer to the other problem is n_odd = 41

August 31. The GUI files are  available. Missing from the P1 write-up of the GUI problem is the sentence 'Submit your modified   PerimeterGUI.m   and   PerimeterGUI.fig  files to CMS'. Finally, pratice uploading files to CMS so that you know what do well in advance of next week's assignment deadline. Note that CMS just 'remembers' your most recent upload so there is no harm in just uploading a junker file for practice.

August 30. The Project 1 GUI files will be available on the website Friday (Aug 31).

August 30. Project 1 is available. So is Challenge Problem 1. Revisit the home page to see a slightly revised course grading formula. GUI-related materials are accessible through the GUI Page.