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Lecture is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:15-12:05 in Phillips 307. Lectures are mandatory. It is important that you attend, because we will cover items in lecture that we will not cover elsewhere in the course.

Lecture notes

Lecture notes will be posted here after each class. They can be downloaded in PDF or PPT format. If you find any of these links missing, or cannot open any of the files, please send email to the course staff.

Lecture Date Contents

0 1/24 Matlab Introduction PDF
1 1/24 Overiew and Images in Matlab PPT PDF
2 1/27 Finding Red Pixels PPT PDF
3 2/1 Finding Red Pixels Part II PPT PDF
4 2/3 Robustness and Speed PPT PDF
5 2/8 Sorting and Selection (Part 1) PPT PDF
6 2/10 Sorting and Selection (Part 2) PPT PDF
7 2/15 Quickselect (Sorting and Selection Part 3) PPT PDF
8 2/17 Blobs and graphs PPT PDF
9 2/21 Graph algorithms PPT PDF
Section 2/22 Graph traversal, Stacks and Queues PPT PDF
10 2/24 Data Structures - Stacks and Queues PPT PDF
11 2/28 Linked lists PPT PDF
Review 2/28 Review for Prelim 1 PDF
12 3/6 Polygons and the Convex Hull PPT PDF
13 3/8 Guessing Intelligently (Interpolation) PPT PDF
14 3/13 Image Transformations PPT PDF
Section 3/14 Convolution PDF
15 3/15 Least Squares (guest lecture by Prof. Ramin Zabih) PPT PDF
16 3/27 Robust fitting PPT PDF
17 3/29 Fitting image transformations PPT PDF
18 4/3 Segmentation and clustering (guest lecture by Rocky Li) PPT PDF
Section 4/4 Game of Life PDF
19 4/5 Segmentation and minimum spanning trees PPT PDF
Review 4/8 Review for Prelim 2 PDF
Section 4/11 Improving Matlab Performance PPT PDF
20 4/12 Sequences I PPT PDF
21 4/17 Sequences II PPT PDF
Section 4/18 Sparse matrices, hash tables, and cell arrays PPT PDF
22 4/19 Author Recognition PPT PDF
23 4/24 Hard Problems in Computer Science PPT PDF
24 4/26 Optimization Revisited PPT PDF
Review 5/1 Review for Prelim 3 PDF

If you have any questions that you would like answered over email, please direct them to cs1114-staff-l@lists.cs