CS 1112: Introduction to Computing using MATLAB

Course homepage (Spring 2020)


Quick announcements

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The textbook for this course, Insight Through Computing, is available in PDF format for free from the Cornell Library.

Lectures will employ classroom polling using iClicker remotes. Students must bring their remotes to class in order to earn credit for the polling exercises. After April 6, lecture exercises will be conducted as Canvas quizzes.

Key dates

* Adjusted in response to COVID-19


After April 6

Lecture videos will be available on Canvas. Discussion sections, office hours, and consulting hours will be hosted via Zoom.

Before March 13

Lecture will take place in the Statler Auditorium (room 185). We will only need the first floor seating – please do not sit in the balcony.

Discussion/lab sections will alternate between Hollister 401 (classroom) and Upson 225 (computer lab). The first section (January 21-22) will be a lab taking place in Upson 225.

Consulting hours will be held in the Accel Lab Green room (237 Carpenter Hall).