Introduction to Computing Using Matlab

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Date Topic Description
5/18 M Course Grade We anticipate that course grades will be available on CMS and Student Center by Friday, May 22nd. You may view your final exam paper next semester. How, when, and where? Read the information on the Exams link.
5/15 F Potentially useful functions This list of functions will appear on the cover page of the exam, but you will not need all of them!
abs, sqrt, rem, floor, ceil, rand, zeros, ones, linspace, length, size, isempty, sum, sort, cell, struct, strcmp, fprintf, disp, plot, error, nargin
5/15 F P6 regrade request If you have a regrade request on project 6, please enter it in CMS before 11pm on Sunday, May 17th: Select Project 6, then at the bottom of the page type your detailed regrade request justification--you cannot just say please regrade--and click the Request Regrade button. Do not submit any new files--regrade is done on submitted files only. Regrade comments will be available in CMS.
5/7 Th Hours and review The office/consulting hours during the study/final period and the time and location of the review session have been posted.
5/5 Tu Review Review questions have been posted. There will be an optional review session on Friday, 5/15, 11am-12:30pm. The location is still to be determined but it will be posted on the Exams page later. Solutions to the review questions will be posted on Thursday, 5/14.