CS1112 --> Clickers--personal response system

We'll use clickers in lecture. Please register your clicker on the CIT website. You must use a clicker from the i-Clicker system in CS1112. You only need to register your i-Clicker clicker with CIT once each semester (if you use your i-Clicker clicker for multiple courses). To register, go to the CIT i-Clicker Polling --> Student Clickers page. Be sure to register with Cornell CIT, not the i-Clicker company!

Cannot read your clicker's ID? Get help here.

Why are we using clickers? There are four main reasons:

  1. The instructor can get real-time feedback from the students easily to check for comprehension of the material taught.
  2. We want to encourage active student participation with this technology, as you can answer questions anonymously (relative to your fellow students). We also hope that you will find it fun!
  3. We want to promote discussion among students in class--you can collaborate (unless it is a quiz) in solving the questions.
  4. In-class quizzes can be easily administered and scored.

Academic Integrity: During an in-class quiz, you will use only your own registered clicker.