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Course Staff

Please make use of the resources that the Course Staff have to offer


CIT supports electronic mail (e-mail). Use the following guidelines when e-mailing staff and posting newsgroup messages:

Following these guidelines makes your messages friendlier and more accessible, thus making your questions more likely to be answered. CIT maintains a list of conventions, as well. Other netiquette conventions are reasonable, but please first follow the course conventions.

Other Help Sources

Program Description
Engineering Peer Tutoring Peer tutoring for Engineering and BEE majors
Academic Support Services For Engineering Students General academic advising and support services in Engineering
Arts College Student Services General academic advising and support services in Arts and Sciences
Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society Tutoring Program: The members of Tau Beta Pi, selected for their academic aptitude and social commitment, hold one-on-one tutoring sessions with students in courses that typically have a large enrollment of engineers.
Gannett For all health related concerns, visit Gannett, which is the Cornell University Health Service Center.
CAPS If you have emotional distress, we urge you to contact CAPS, the Counseling and Psychological Services.
Dear Uncle Ezra When all else fails, ask Uncle Ezra!