CS1112 --> CMS

CMS stands for Course Management System. You will use CMS to submit homework, find your scores, and view grading comments.

If you had pre-enrolled in CS1112, then your student information had been entered into CMS already and you would be ready to use CMS beginning in the second week of classes. If you added CS1112 after pre-enrollment, then you must identify yourself in section to ask your TA to add your information into the system.

Log on CMS

How to submit homework?   Read all the instructions below before attempting the submission.

  1. Note where you keep the file(s) you want to submit
  2. Go to the CMS website: http://cms.csuglab.cornell.edu/
  3. You will be prompted to log on. Log on using your CU NetID and password.
  4. Select CS1112 under Courses
  5. If you are not working with a partner, then click on the submit button to upload (submit) the file(s).
  6. For each requested file, click Browse... to locate your file. It does not matter if your file name is different from the requested file name. During upload, your file name will be converted to our requested file name.
  7. Click upload.
  8. If you work with a partner, click the groups button to register your group before submitting files. Enter your partner's NetID. Click Invite. Now your partner must log on CMS and accept your invitation. Then either partner can submit the files as described in the previous steps.
  9. You can find detailed instructions by clicking Help (near top right corner of screen) in CMS.

Special notes:   We will accept homework properly submitted through CMS only. We will not accept any excuses for not submitting work on time on CMS.