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Office Hours during Study Break
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K.-Y. Daisy Fan
Office: Upson 5141
Email: dfan at cs.cornell.edu
Phone: 255-1181
To make an appointment, email Randy Hess.
Or use walk-in office hours:
Tuesday3-4pm (12:30-1:30pm on 11/23)

Teaching Assistants 
The TAs office hrs are walk-in. If you would like to make an appt with a TA, please email an individual TA directly.
You can use any TA's office hours, not just those offered by your section instructor.

Name Email Office hrs Location
Garrett Bernstein gsb29 at cornell.edu R 3-4pm
Cancelled on 11/18
UP 328B, Bay D
Karen Ho ksh33 at cornell.edu W 5-6pm UP 328B, Bay C
Ji-Yong Shin jyshin at cs.cornell.edu M 4-6pm UP 328B, Bay D
Andrew Spielberg aes89 at cornell.edu R 2-3pm UP 328B, Bay A
Maarika Teose mt524 at cornell.edu T&R 1-2pm RH 657
Jijie Zhao zhao at cs.cornell.edu T 5-7pm
5-6:30pm on 11/16
UP 328B, Bay C


Course Consultants 
The consultants can help you with course material in the computer lab.
Consulting takes place in the ACCEL Green Room on the second floor of the Engineering Library in Carpenter Hall.
Hours are Sunday to Thursday 4 to 10pm.