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CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Spring 2018

Alternatives to CS 1110

CS 1110 is a 4 credit course designed for students with no programming experience. While it offers an introduction to computer programming concepts, it goes a lot deeper than that. It also emphasizes techniques of problem analysis and the development and analysis of algorithms.

Cornell in Ithaca does offer a wealth of alternative courses that overlap with CS 1110 in some ways and diverge in others.

Courses without programming prerequisites considered equivalent to CS 1110

Cornell considers the following courses equivalent as preparation for CS 2110.
  • If you're looking to learn how to program, but what specific language you program in isn't so important to you, then consider CS 1112, Introduction to Computing using Matlab, which meets at the same time, and often has open seats and the "coziness" of a smaller class. [2018SP roster entry]

    CS 1112 has slightly greater emphasis on scientific computation, whereas CS 1110 has slightly greater emphasis on software application development.

    For the requirements in some areas of study, note the following.

    • AEM majors/prospective majors: CS1112 works just as well as CS1110 for the Quantitative Methods requirement.
    • Biology majors with a concentration in computational biology: CS1112 or CS1114 (also in Matlab) work just as well as CS1110 for the "one course in computer programming" requirement.
    • Math prospective majors: CS1112 works just as well as CS1110 for the affiliation requirement.
    • Information Science prospective majors: we have confirmed that the CS1110 affiliation requirement may be fulfilled by taking both CS1112 and CS1133, not necessarily at the same time.

  • If you are interested in programming for managing media, such as images or text, INFO 1100: Introduction to Media Programming may be right for you. [2017SU roster entry]

Other alternatives without programming prerequisites

Alternative Python courses that do have programming prerequisites

Course Material by: E. Andersen, A. Bracy, D. Gries, L. Lee, S. Marschner, C. Van Loan, W. White