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in Olin 155

CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Spring 2018

Staff and Consulting/Office Hours

"Emergency Contact Number"
If there's an urgent matter affecting more than you (and your group), contact "anyone in charge" by emailing cs1110-staff@cornell.edu, which reaches the TAs and supervising consultants as well as the instructors. Examples: there aren't any staff members at a scheduled office hour; we've run out of handouts in a lab.

Name Contact
Professor Anne Bracy cs1110-prof@cornell.edu
Phone: 255-0286
Office: For drop-in office hours, Olin 128; actual office Gates 452
Professor Lillian Lee cs1110-prof@cornell.edu
Phone: 255-8119
Office: For drop-in office hours, Olin 128; actual office Gates 419
Notes: You can sign up for an individual appointment with Prof. Lee here.
Administrative Assistant
Jenna Edwards JLS478@cornell.edu
Phone: 255-3313
Office: Gates 401

Get in the habit of dropping in on the TAs if you have questions. You can go to any available TA's office hours, not just your lab TA.

Shantanu Gore SG937@cornell.edu
Nancy Yu Gu YG234@cornell.edu
Seunghyun "Matt" Kim SK849@cornell.edu
Anthony Poon ATP65@cornell.edu
Yiting Wang YW428@cornell.edu
Angela Yang AQY2@cornell.edu

Drop-in office hours (Professors, TAs, and consultants)
The supervising consultants are Trey Driskell (GD326), Victoria Litvinova (VL242), and Julia Sun (JYS35).

The consultants are as follows: Aditya Jha (AJ377), Alan Pascual (AP835), Albert Tsao (AWT46), Angela Zhang (AZ276), Anna Rice (ACR235), Annie Barnett (AKB222), Aohan Dang (AD743), Arjun Bhalla (AB2383), Arun Pidugu (AP639), Austen Joa (AJ363), Brooke Greenstein (BDG74), Brynn Richter (BER65), Calvin Chen (IC258), Camila Pretiz (CP573), Carina Cheng (CHC94), Catherine Sadoff (CS895), Charlie Friedberg (CBF43), Dana Wintner (DW437), David Schwardt (DAS539), Devin Dean (DD482), Doreen Gui (DG497), Gabriel Lane (GAL86), Jennifer Lee (JJL296), Jeremy Lee (JRL352), Jesse Phillips (JOP23), Ji Hwan Seung (JS2687), Jordan Greissman (JAG538), Joseph Bean (JB984), Julie Barron (JCB468), Justin Williams (JMW496), Kanchan Yawalkar (KSY9), Karson Daecher (KBD45), Katherine Gioioso (KRG48), Kevin J Cook (KJC244), Luke Kanina Nyalala (LKN28), Mary Kaminski (MEK282), Matthew Mann (MJM636), Maureen Jian (MJ394), Murali Saravanan (MMS396), Nicholas Doyle (NJD67), Raymone Radi (RSR242), Rudy Peterson (RNP39), Samuel Opoku-Agyemang (SO373), Samwise Parkinson (STP59), Shivansh Gupta (SG739), Shreya Subramanian (SS2745), Tracy Goldman (TAG96), Ugonna Erinne (UE24), Xingchen Li (XL464), Yitian Lucy Lin (YL737), and Yuqing Cui (YC2296).

Course Material by: E. Andersen, A. Bracy, D. Gries, L. Lee, S. Marschner, C. Van Loan, W. White