Class GRectangle


Instances represent a solid rectangle.

The attributes x and y refer to the bottom left corner of the rectangle. The interior (fill) color of this rectangle is fillcolor, while linecolor is the color of the border.

For more fine-grained rectangle placement, you should make use of the attributes center_x, center_y, right, and top, all inherited from GObject. See that class for more information.

Constructor: creates a new solid rectangle

param keywords:dictionary of keyword arguments

Precondition: See below.

To use the constructor for this class, you should provide it with a list of keyword arguments that initialize various attributes. For example, to create a red square anchored at (0,0), use the constructor call


This class supports the all same keywords as GObject.

This class is a subclass of GObject, and inherits all of its attributes and methods.


This class does not have any attributes beyond those defined in GObject.

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