T-Th 9:05
T-Th 11:15
in Olin 155

CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Fall 2014

CS 1110 Staff

Name E-Mail/Contact Office Availability
Walker White wmwhite@cs.cornell.edu
Phone: 255-8346
Gates 451

1. Office Hours: Tu/Th 10:10-11
    Carpenter Hall Atrium
2. By Appointment (via e-mail)
3. Walk-in if door is not closed

Administrative Assistant
Jessica Depew jd648@cornell.edu
Phone: 255-9197
Gates 410 Contact for administrative issues.

Get in the habit of dropping in on the TAs if you have questions. You should drop in on any available TA, not just your section TA.

Dongwook Yoon dy252@cornell.edu Gates 235 Monday 1:30-3:30pm
Alec Regulinski apr74@cornell.edu ACCEL Lab Wednesday 4:25-5:25pm
Hyung Joo Park hp255@cornell.edu 657 Rhodes Monday 2:30-3:30pm
Ozan Irsoy oi32@cornell.edu Gates G11 Monday 1-2pm
Ryan O'Hern rmo26@cornell.edu Gates G11 Friday 12-1pm

The supervising consultants are Travis Westura (tsw52) and Daniel Rong (ddr42).

The consultants are as follows: Amy Frankhouser (adf53), Shiwani Bisht (sb854), Ashish Akshat (aa878), Annika Lutan (all239), Arnesh Nagavalli (amn79), Amin Nikbin (an357), Abigail Birnbaum (anb65), Alex Parkhurst (anp56), Akshay Sawhney (as2755), Brad Tiller (bjt79), Chen Yang (cy255), Daniel Donenfeld (dbd64), David Liedell (djl296), Daryl Sew (dns55), Elly Nakahara (en254), Houmin Huang (hh342), Imran Bendris (ib247), Joseph Mileo (jam798), Jason Weinberg (jdw283), Jim Yu (jly29), Justin Selig (jss459), Josselyn Tsai (jt566), Kyle Sampson (kfs47), Linda Liu (ll538), Lucia Song (ls662), Mitchell Gronowitz (meg322), Megan Leszczynski (mel255), Manuela Rios (mr779), Matthew Persons (msp248), Mofei Mandy Teng (mt455), Nicholas Cheng (nac67), Natalie Kim (nk428), Oluleke Ojo (omo5), Roger Chen (rc554), Robert Wolfe (rjw253), Solomon Maina (sam524), Sarah Sinclair (sjs334), Shela Wang (sw679), Yujin Koh (yk583), and Eric Yanowitz (eay22).

The consulting calendar can be found on this page

Course Material Authors: D. Gries, L. Lee, S. Marschner, & W. White (over the years)