T-Th 9:05 or 11:15
in Kimball B11

CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Spring 2013

Alternatives to CS 1110 that generally fulfill the same graduation requirements

CS 1110 and CS 1112 both offer an introduction to computer programming concepts. The courses emphasize techniques of problem analysis and the development of algorithms and programs. CS 1110 uses Python; CS 1112 uses Matlab. Neither course presumes previous programming experience. CS 1112 requires a firm background in mathematics and at least one semester of calculus.

CS 1114, a fast-paced introduction to computer science using camera-controlled robots. As with CS 1115, this course requires some previous programming experience (in any language).

CS 1115 is a faster-paced version of the MatLab course that includes graphical user interfaces. This allows it to focus on topics such as scientific visualization that are beyond the scope of CS 1112. This course requires some previous programming experience (in any language).

Alternatives to CS 1110 that do not satisfy the same graduation requirements, but rather have other goals in mind

INFO 1100 covers many of the same topics as CS 1110, but does it through "Media Programming". Media Programming is a visual programming style that focuses on manipulating images and creating media.

If you're just looking to learn Python and already know how to program in another course, CS 1133 is for you. It runs for only 5 weeks and is S/U. Short courses of this nature for other programming languages are offered by the CS department, as well.

Refer to http://www.cs.cornell.edu/ugrad/FirstCSCourse/index.htm for more information and other course possibilities.