T-Th 9:05 or 11:15
in Kimball B11

CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Spring 2013


Labs are held every week, during section. You will not be graded on your performance during lab, though you are expected to do them. Up to two labs may be missed; any more unexcused absences and we reserve the right to reduce your course grade (e.g. B goes to B-).

Unless told otherwise, should you do not finish during the lab, you have until the beginning of lab next week to finish it: show it to your lab TA at the beginning of the lab section. But you should always do your best to finish during lab hours; remember that labs are graded on effort, not correctness.

Lab Topic Reading
Lab 1 Evaluating Expressions Chapters 1 and 2
Lab 2 Strings, Functions, and Modules: Scraping Exam Info from the Web The Python Library
Lab 3 Objects, Functions, and Testing (none)
Lab 4 Catch-up for labs 2 and 3 (none)
Lab 5 Lists; Conditionals: Cards and Poker Hands Chapter 10 up to 10.13, not including 10.3 or 10.7; http://docs.python.org/2/tutorial/datastructures.html
Lab 6 Recursion Exercises Sections 5.8 - 5.10
Lab 7 Office hours/work on lab 6  
Lab 8 Classes: Blackjack Chapters 15-17.6
Lab 9 Office hours/check off lab 8 (none)
Lab 10 Loop Exercises Worked exercises on loop invariants
Lab 11 Office hours/check off lab 10 Worked exercises on loop invariants
Lab 12 Office hours Tuesday/nobody there Wed  
Lab 13 Subclasses; exceptions Chapter 17; Chapter 18 (especially 18.7); 14.5, A.2.3
Lab 14 Office hours/check off lab 13