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CS1130 (formerly CS101J) in SU08 CS1130 (formerly CS101J) will be offered this summer. See link below for details.


5/9 F Course grade We anticipate that grades will be available on CMS by the end of the final exam period. Grades will not be emailed. Official grades will be available on Just the Facts in the summer. You may view your final exam paper next semester. How, when, and where? Read the information on the Exams link.
5/7 W drawTriangle (review) Several students pointed out that we mixed up our colors in the drawTriangle review question (Set 1 Question 5). We've corrected our color confusion and the answer is 9/16 (the fraction of yellow in the triangle).
5/7 W Functions Here is the list of functions that may be useful for the exam. This list will appear on the first page of the exam. You will not need all of them!
abs, rem, rand, ceil, floor, round, max, min, sum, zeros, ones, linspace, length, size, fprintf, disp
P6 regrade request We expect to finish grading Project 6 tonight. If you have a regrade request (read the grading guide first), you must submit it by 7pm Friday. Give the request to a TA during Wednesday's office hour or at the final exam on Thursday, or put it in a drop box on Friday before 7pm outside Upson 5147. We will not accept late regrade requests.
No consulting There is no consulting during study break. You can go to TA Ainur Yessenalina's office hour tomorrow (W 2-4pm Upson 328B Bay B) to pick up your old CS100M papers (prelim, processed regrade).
Revised review solutions A mistake in the solution to Review Set 1 Question 2 was corrected at 6:05pm.
Review Two sets of review questions have been posted. Solutions will be posted on Tues afternoon. There will be a review session on Tuesday, May 6, 1:00-3:00pm in Upson B17.
Review questions One set of review questions have been posted. A second set will be posted over the weekend.
Course Eval
Exercise 15
College of Engineering requires that course evaluations be done online. To complete the evaluation, visit the link below Wednesday, May 7.
To encourage you to fill out the evaluation, we're going to give you a point for completing it. See "Exercise 15" on the Exercise page.
Game Design
After being dormant for the fall, GDIAC (Game Design Initiative at Cornell) is once again organizing a showcase displaying Cornell talent from CIS 300, CIS 400, as well as other independent student projects. Mark your calendars.

     Date/Time: May 7th from 3 - 6 pm
     Venue: Upson 361

The showcase is open to the general public. It will be held in the Cornell Undergraduate Computing Lab, so that everyone can play and experience these student projects. Come and meet the game designers and engineers of tomorrow.
Review Session There will be a final exam review session on Tuesday, May 6, 1:00-3:00pm in Upson B17.