Com S 100J Introduction to Computer Programming Grade: letter or S/U Fall 2006
344-366 TR 09:05 Kimball B11 Instructor: David Gries 4 credits
344-422 TR 11:15 Kimball B11 Newsgroup: cornell.class.cs100j

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COM S 100 Introduction to Computer Programming
Fall, spring, summer. 4 credits. Assumes basic high school mathematics (no calculus) but no programming experience.
Introduction to computer programming concepts using the Java programming language. Includes a two-week unit on MATLAB. Topics include algorithms, language concepts, object-oriented concepts, procedures and functions, arrays, and strings. Principles of software development, style, and testing are emphasized. Weekly lab sections provide students with guided practice on the computer, with staff present to help. COM S 100J and 100M are equivalent courses; both should not be taken.

This web page is for Course CS100J --the J standing for Java. Java will be used for 11 weeks and Matlab for 2.

Click here for information about CS100M (M standing for Matlab) and alternative courses.

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Grades on Final Exam

Below is a histogram for the grades on the final exam. The letter grade is only to give you an idea of where I think the grades on the final should be, based on how the class did and my thoughts on the ease-difficulty of the final. The grade on the final does not tell you precisely what grade you will get in the course. This depends on a lot of other factors, as you know. I hope to get course grades on the website tomorrow evening.

The final was indeed far easier than prelim 3! People started walking out after 1.5 hours, so it wasn't too long.

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME TODAY AND TOMORROW ASKING TO SEE YOUR FINAL OR ANYTHING ELSE. I will be busy with lots of meetings and trying to figure out course grades for you. This requires not only looking at total scores but going over emails I have from you to figure out special cases and talking to the TAs.

I will simply delete any email I get regarding grades on the final or in the course until I have posted course grades tomorrow evening.

David Gries

median: 77
mean: 74.8
standard deviation: 15

100    A+           01 *
95-99 A             06 ******
90-94 A             17 *****************
85-89 B+ to A-  32 ********************************
80-84 B             17 *****************
75-79 B-            18 ******************
70-74 C             14 **************
65-69 C             13 *************
60-64 C             16 ****************
55-59 C-            11 ***********
50-54 D             04 ****
45-49 D-            02 **
40-44 F              05 *****
<40    F              02 **

Fix your PCs so that extensions (like .java and .doc) ALWAYS appear. To do this, do the following: Open an explorer window. Use menu item Tools / Click on Folder Options. Click the view tab. Uncheck the box "Hide extensions for known file types".
TA office hours. TA office hours and places are given here.
The Course Management System (CMS). The CMS for this course is at this URL: We will tell you when and how to deal with it.

Expected outcomes of Com S 100:

(1) Basic understanding of object-oriented and procedural aspects of programming, as expressed in Java.

(2) Fluency in Java --able to write programs using classes and subclasses, as well as assignments, conditionals, and loops.

(3) Knowledge of the basic API classes and their specifications.


The three prelims are 7:30--9:00PM,
Prelim I: Monday 25 September, Olin 155
Prelim II: Tuesday 17 October, Olin 155
Prelim III: Tuesday 14 November, Olin 155
The final is in Period J: 7:00-9:30, Monday, 11 December, Uris Auditorium