Com S 100J Introduction to Computer Programming Grade: letter or S/U Spring 2005
655-085 TR 09:05 Kimball B11 Instructor: David Gries 4 credits
655-276 TR 11:15 Olin 255 Newsgroup: cornell.class.cs100j

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Java API specs (load the appropriate one into your browser and then bookmark it)

Sun's site for Java

General Java resources, including documentation

  • A very nice Java glossary (very useful!). But don't forget to use the glossary in ProgramLive!
  • Documentation for the Java API libraries (very useful!).
  • Online Java language tutorial.
  • How to use javadoc to document your Java programs.
  • Sun's code Conventions for Java, a comprehensive set of guidelines on programming style.

Java Software (some of it is free)

  • Here's a page for Linux Java tools.
  • Here's a page for general (Windows and Mac) Java tools.
  • Here's a rather overwhelming list of Java resources, both free and commercial.
  • Here's a page of reviews of Java-related products by the online magazine JavaWorld.

Mathworks home page (maker of Matlab)