Com S 100J Introduction to Computer Programming Grade: letter or S/U Spring 2005
655-085 TR 09:05 Kimball B11 Instructor: David Gries 4 credits
655-276 TR 11:15 Olin 255 Newsgroup: cornell.class.cs100j

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Every once in a while, we will have a quiz in lecture. We will tell you what will be on the quiz. We expect everyone to get 100 on every quiz.

Reason for quizzes.

A course like CS100 uses a lot of terminology and introduces many new concepts. Typically, the terminology and concepts are used from the day they are introduced onward. If you don't learn them soon after they are introduced, you can't understand later lectures and material. So, each quiz alerts you to what is important for you to learn at that time (and forces you, hopefully, to learn it). We hope that you don't only superficially learn it but grok it. (If you don't know what grok means, bring up ProgramLive (the CD), open the glossary, and look at the entry for grok.

  • Quiz 01. 03 February
  • Quiz 02. 08 February
  • Quiz 03. 22 February. This quiz helps you prepare for the prelim on 24 February. Possible questions on the quiz: (1) definitions of parameter and argument. (2) syntax of the definition (declarations) of the 3 kinds of methods. Syntax of the three kinds of method call. See the handout for February 17 for information.
  • Quiz 04. 14 April. Be able to develop the following algorithms: linear search, binary search, finding the min, and dutch national flag. Given the name, we expect you to: write the pre- and post-conditions, develop the invariant, and then develop the loop (with initialization) from the invariant, and pre- and post-conditions.
    People did not do as well as we expected on this quiz. Please read this pdf file (or this word file).